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Design Consultation

All of our projects consider the conservation of resources to make both environmental and financial sense.  Our site design is focused on low-cost, low-maintenance xeriscape and native planting design.  Knowing many of our public and private clients will own and care for their landscape for years to come, our solutions considers the life-cycle cost of materials and long-term maintenance issues as crucial to successful solutions.

We utilize the latest in three-dimensional communication tools to effectively and efficiently communicate our design intent. We do all of this with a hands-on, one-on-one approach, involving our clients every step of the way.  We listen carefully to the needs of our clients and provide them with the knowledge and tools to make appropriate decisions with their property.  Knowing that a well-designed, constructed and maintained landscape can increase a property value by up to 30%, we strive to make the most out of every dollar for our clients.

One of Fitzgerald Landscaping specialties is the xeriscape landscape.  Traditional thirsty landscapes have dominated plant design since the early years of suburban sprawl.  We are all intimately familiar with the results…. irrigation needs that consume over 30% of the domestic water use in the US, heavy watering restrictions in nearly every municipality in the West and high landscape maintenance costs due to high water and energy demands.  Xeriscape, loosely defined as a form of landscaping that uses native and  drought-tolerant plant material to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation, is now dominating innovative planting designs throughout the West.  Xeriscape  should not be undertaken lightly, however, as an improperly designed xeriscape can result in increased weed, erosion and dust control issues than a traditional landscape. Shade trees such as the honey locust provide the desired human comfort zones, while still being drought and pollution tolerant.  Fragrant perennials such as lavender can be paired with eye-catching grasses and succulents to create interest, micro-habitat and functionality.  Depending on  species selection, xeriscaping can reduce water needs by up to 75% and overall  maintenance costs by 50%.

We work closely with our clients to select plants that will meet their aesthetic needs while still being drought and pest tolerant.  We look forward to working with you!

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